A special thanks to Deacon Brent McLaren, for his work on our parish website. As Deacon Brent’s work continues, it reminds us of the importance of new media in our lives as disciples of Christ in the 21st Century. We are blessed to live in an age with so many technological possibilities. All technologies, including web resources, are tools available to us to bring us closer to God and His Church. Of course, like any tool, the web will only be beneficial to us if we use it properly and prudently. It is my intention over the next few weeks to share with you someRead More →

On April 11th, Pope Francis announced an Extraordinary Jubliee of Mercy to begin December 8th, 2015, the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, through to November 20th, 2016. In order to prepare ourselves for this special grace, I invite you to read the Papal Bull that the Holy Father wrote for this occasion. Here is his introduction: “Jesus Christ is the face of the Father’s mercy. These words might well sum up the mystery of the Christian faith. Mercy has become living and visible in Jesus of Nazareth, reaching its culmination in him. The Father, “rich in mercy” (Eph 2:4), after having revealed his name toRead More →

It has been over a month since Pope Francis his papal encyclical letter on Ecology. Its Latin title, Laudato si’ (‘Praise be to you’), is taken from an invocation of St. Francis of Assisi in the Canticle of the Creatures: “Praise be to you, my Lord”. Instead of giving a summary of a summary, I give one quote: “We must regain the conviction that we need one another, that we have a shared responsibility for others and the world, and that being good and decent are worth it. We have had enough of immorality and the mockery of ethics, goodness, faith and honesty. It is time to acknowledge that light-hearted superficiality has done usRead More →

We’ve come a long way in a few weeks with our series of homilies based on Sherry Weddell’s book: “Forming Intentional Disciples: The Path to Knowing and Following Jesus”. We’ve seen that God has no grandchildren; meaning God is calling each one of us to personal relationship with Himself. Second, we’ve reflected a little on the state of the present-day Church, that what we may have considered normal in the past, simply being “cultural Catholics”, is not sustainable or desirable today. There is so much more that God has in store for us! Third, we touched on the fruit of discipleship summarized with the challengingRead More →

The Easter season calls us to proclaim, “He is risen! Indeed, He is risen!” It is a time to lift our voices and hearts in prayer, praise and song. As we celebrated the great liturgies of Holy Week, it was wonderful to hear the church filled with music: to sing the ancient chants, the litanies, the Exsultet, the singing of the Gospel, the Easter sequence, the dismissals all raised together. These are reminders to us that Easter is the highpoint of our liturgical year. We are invited to embrace the principle of progressive solemnity. The principle is that the more important the celebration, the moreRead More →