How to request that a Mass be offered for your intentions

To assist with the scheduling of Mass intentions we have created this automated mailing form. When submitted, the form will be emailed to: A member of the parish will follow up by email or phone.

There will be times when this form does not fit every request. Should that be the case, complete the form as much as possible and note, “Please contact me” in the request for Additional information.

It is suggested by the Diocese that a minimum donation for an announced Mass is $20.00. This stipend should be sent to the parish or placed in a separate envelope in the parish collection basket before the Mass is to be announced. Please provide enough information so that we can match your intention and donation with the information submitted online.

Mass Intentions Automated Mailer ...

  • Please complete this form as accurately as possible. We require you to fill in all of the information. When we have received the completed form, a member of the parish will contact you to finalize the Mass intentions and payments.
  • Please provide us with information about you.
  • The information that follows relates to the Mass intention(s) and who is requesting it.


Before submitting the form, verify all spelling for the names and intentions being requested. When the Mass is scheduled, we will publicize it based on the information you provide.