St. Bridget Cemetery

Location …

971 Stanley Road, Lot 15 and 16, Concession 8, Stanleyville, North Burgess. The cemetery is located just west from the parish church.

Some historical documents refer to this cemetery as “the Catholic cemetery at Burgess.”

A glimpse of our past …

St. Bridget CemeteryHenry and Catherine Cooper sold 2 acres on part lot 16 of the 8th concession of North Burgess to the Kingston Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church. The land was purchased at a price of $125. The transaction was registered at the Lanark County Registry Office in Perth on September 3, 1875. Although it was registered at this time, it is most likely that the transaction took place before this. Reverend Fr. Chisholm and Mr. George Consitt are recorded as being the witnesses. Information on St. Bridget’s Cemetery can be found at the Algonquin College Learning Resource Centre in Perth.

Genealogy …

St. Bridget CemeteryThe interments in this graveyard have been documented by the website Find A Grave which is linked here.

A quick search on the internet will return numerous references to this graveyard and to people doing research on the early community that lived in the Stanleyville area. Archives Lanark also maintains a cemetery transcript in addition to census records. Transcriptions are also available through the Ontario Genealogical Society Cemetery Transcriptions: Lanark County

Many find the services of the Lanark County Genealogy Service helpful in their research.

Headstone and Monument Cleaning

We are happy to recommend the services of Kim Proud (613-812-1780) who has provided exemplary service to family and relatives cleaning and maintaining the headstones and monuments in our graveyard. Please let Kim know we referred you to her.

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